Paint Finishes

External Paint Finishes

A coat of paint not only creates an attractive appearance for years to come, it also protects exterior surfaces from moisture, fading and temperature changes. A high-quality paint will provide better protection, complete coverage, easier application and longer-lasting results. When it comes to buying paint, you have lots of choices, some determined by your application and others that are based solely on your preference. Before you learn about all of the options available to you, use the following questions to focus in on the needs of your project.

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Interior Paint Finishes

A flat paint finish has no shine. It reflects no light, so it conceals flaws more easily. A flat finish provides excellent coverage for most adequately-prepared surfaces. It is easy to maintain. Flat finish paints should only be used in areas with very little traffic (people touching/hitting the walls), as they are not as washable or durable as paints with more shine.

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